Urban Nomads Bag

The Urban Nomads Bag is the ultimate companion for your mobile lifestyle! Get things done wherever you want. You'll have the perfect workstation always with you.

The Ultimate Companion

The Urban Nomad’s bag is designed for passionate urban explorers, who enjoy to work wherever they want. When lacking a desk, it transforms in seconds into an ergonomic work-space on your lap. Unlike other multi-functional bags this one is ready to work: all your technical devices can be opened and used from the outside - without digging in the depths of departments. Your productivity starts just a zip away!
Also analog activities like sketching and writing are made super comfortable thanks to the pencil case with Velcro bottom - simply attach it on the outside on your bag. Unleash your creativity wherever you want (and stop chasing after rolling pencils).

The Features

  • Work with your Tablet

    You Tablet is always ready when you are. Just open the front part of your UNB and it is already waiting for you. Fold the flap around the bag and get a perfect working angle for your tablet.

  • Work with your Laptop

    Just slide your Laptop in the dedicated compartment inside your UNB and have it easily accessible from the outside. The shape of your UNB will automatically bring the laptop into a ergonomic position if you put it on your lap.

  • Work with Pen and Paper

    The Back of your UNB is a perfect surface when you feel like working oldschool-style with pen and paper. You can even attach the pen organizer from inside your UNB here to have all your tool at hand. Awesome, right!?

  • Stay organized

    You can open your UNB to get a good overview of whats inside and to load it up with all your gear comfortably. There are many many different compartments as well as removable elements so you can customize the space you have available.

  • Never run out of power

    Use whatever powerbank you like (or most likely already have), attach it to the power-cables und slide it into the dedicated pocket. From now on you can charge it from outside the bag and get the power for all your devices whenever you need it.

  • Adjustible Strap

    There are many options to carry your Urban Nomads Bag. The male version has a handle that disappears when you don't need it and a clever way to modify the shoulder strap to distribute the weight on both shoulders. The female version can be carried by the detachable handles as well as a comfortable cross-body strap.

And even more features:

  • Water repellant design

  • Waterproof bottle compartment

  • Quick external charging

  • RFID Protected Compartment

  • Quick Access for your Business Cards

  • Kevlar reinforced Bottom

  • Trolley ready back

... and much more!

The Styles

We want your Urban Nomads Bag to fit your Style perfectly, that's why we will offer 3 different Variations of the Urban Nomads Bag, each with a choice between 13" and 15" Size and each with different color choices. Pick the Urban Nomads Bag that accommodates your style best!

Are you as exited about this bag as we are?

We will launch this project on Kickstarter within a few weeks. If you would like to help us to spread the word you'll find all the material you need over at our press section.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!
Help us to bring the Urban Nomad Bag to live!

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