Top 10 tips for your mobile productivity

January 23rd, 2019

After years of working remotely, we get it – it is difficult to stay focused. It's not only that way when you work from home, even if you prefer to spread your mobile office in a coffee shop or at a co-working space you might get confronted with what we all call procrastination. We've been there, we've done that. Consequently, this makes us experts in outsmarting this kind of behavior.

# 1

Track your time

First, we suggest tracking your time. Simply because that way you'll get a feeling of how long you actually need to complete certain tasks or projects. Which means you won't spend time wondering if you just maybe could check your social media for the 10th time since you'll know how much time is left. If you're still looking for a tracking tool we can recommend you to check out toggl. This little tool is user-friendly and very easy to figure out.

# 2

Create your own working schedule

Naturally, it is very important to at least own a brief schedule for every day. Of course, sometimes you can switch it up and go to lunch with a beloved friend, but normally you should stick to it since structure in your daily life helps you accomplish your goals. That way you prevent forgetting important tasks and have a way better overview of what has to be done, which results in much higher productivity.

Ah, yes – we know what you're thinking! Yes, we all are trying to escape the 9-5 but to be honest the easiest way not to get interrupted is to actually still kind of stick to it since most of the people probably work at that time. That way your family and friends won't disrupt you that often. Also, you won't get the feeling of missing out, which can easily happen if you work at night or on the weekends.

# 3

Stop multitasking

Try staying focused on one thing and set your priorities right. There was a time everyone thought they had to be able to multitask but gladly that kind of belief lies in the past. If you ever get the feeling of needing the process of multitasking try combining physical tasks with cognitive tasks. For example, if you need to work out in the morning you could easily have a phone call why at it or maybe already build a concept for your next project. That way you can still stay focused.

Turn off your notification alerts! As a remote worker, you're used to checking your messages on your phone all the time. Believe us when we tell you, that you do not need the beeps and sound alerts as a reminder. Try on setting a certain period to you check your messages. Try sticking to your schedule, no matter how annoying a client gets. Of course, sometimes it is needed to react immediately – but you'll get the hang figured out pretty easily.

# 4

Invest in some good & comfy headphones

All of us have those days when we get very sensitive to all kind of noises. That means if you see one of us working with his oversized headphones on, it isn't because we hate people or socializing but probably because we're having one of those days or maybe we're trying to actually focus 100% on whatever we're working on. We recommend on getting headphones which cover your whole ear to really cancel those noises that bother you. Don't just buy some cheap ones, invest into headphones that guarantee comfort and let you have phone calls with clients. That way you'll have your hands free and are able to be in a more ergonomic position while discussing important topics on the phone.

# 5

Take off those pajamas!

Please don't work in your pajamas. You don't have to get all dressed up, just try to make a difference between your leisure time and working time. Some comfortable pants and a nice shirt do the job. Develop a strong morning routine which includes breakfast, coffee or maybe even a short walk. That way you'll already feel more motivated!


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