The most important tools for remote workers

January 30th, 2019

Back when we started going remote, there weren't as many tools available for remote workers like nowadays.If we're honest, today we're kind of drowning in the sheer amount on the market. Understandably lots of people are overwhelmed picking their tools to work with, especially if you're just starting out. But don't worry! As always: We're here for you! We've picked the (in our opinion) most indispensable ones for you.

# 1


This is the holy grail of communication. Slack enables you to work when and from wherever you desire. You can join the different project or company chats called Slack teams which again are separated in different channels and member channels to talk to each other. You can even add all kind of apps like for example Trello to make organizing your team even easier. Send documents and pictures to your colleagues whenever you want. Missed a meeting? No problem! It also builds a searchable archive of your team’s conversations.

Our secret tip: In every team you join you always have your own chat with yourself. We often send ourselves important information like the colors of a corporate design or anything else – that way you're able to just search for it again since it stays there and is easy to find. Oh and did we already mention this little tool with immense impact is for free?

# 2


Ever heard from? No? Then it is finally time to! In 2013 Canva conquered the world's heart in a storm. Everyone was impressed of how much this free to use online or should we say browser program was able to achieve. Canva helps you create not only designs for all kind of social media but also prospects, resumes, presentations and all kind of other stuff. The best part? It is way easier and cheaper than Photoshop and it is online – which means you can use and access it everywhere. Due to its intuitive surface, you'll get comfortable with this tool pretty quickly not like in Photoshop where it seems like learning a completely new language. You also won't have to google all the standard sizes of documents or whatsoever – everything is integrated.

A very good alternative to Canva is Pablo from Buffer. Its interface is as simple as canva's but it hasn't as many possibilities.

# 3


Our Social-Media-Fairy loves this little and simple tool. Since a lot of remote workers work in the online marketing/social media marketing industry or are dependent on networking and being noticed, it often helps to invest some time into your online presence. We're 100% sure: This is one of the easiest and cost effective tools out there. Its surface is very clean and easy to use and our planned posts combined with the mobile app never got lost until this day – which we can't say about for example Hootsuite.

Besides helping you plan all your social media posts, Buffer also offers the possibility to track the performance of your content. And of course, it is pretty cheap for being such a huge helper in all things social media: You only pay 10 Dollars per month!

# 4


Do you like pin boards and post-its? Yes? Well, then you're absolutely at the right place when it comes to Trello. This handy tool not only helps you pin interesting stuff but also organizing and keeping track of all your projects. But with the difference that you no longer need complicated software or an insane amount of post-its. You can do that just for yourself but you're also able to invite your team members to all the different boards. You also have the option to add deadlines, calendars, pictures, links or whatever it is your heart desires.

And you probably already guessed it: it's again totally free! Since it comes with easy to use mobile apps, you're also able to always be up to date in real time and with no delay. And they even own a mascot which makes them really cool: The Husky called Taco.

# 5


Toggl is the simplest time tracking tool you'll ever find – period.

Just kidding. Of course, there is more to this fun and useful tool. You can create project dashboards to track all of the different projects at once – you'll find it way easier to estimate how much time you'll need for future projects. And if you won't, well, Toggl has a function which tells you how long a project might take. You'll also able to exactly see if a project is profitable at all or not. You can also bring your team on board and see what everyone is working on – in real time. You could even go full-stalker mode and let Toggl send you your team's progress by email. Just in case you're one of those very accurate workers.


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