4 Business Podcasts you shouldn't miss

February 18th, 2019

We love getting new input for our professional and personal growth. Beside scrolling Instagram or thumbing through magazines we prefer listening to podcasts. There are plenty good ones out there - we picked four podcasts that will enrich your train ride or the waiting time at the terminal.

# 1

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss became famous thanks to his bestseller book "The 4-Hour Workweek". The entrepreneur tries to get the maximum outcome with minimum effort, not only in business, but also for self-optimizing, even cooking and sports. His podcasts have a wide variety of topics from marketing, self-development, practical philosophy, interviews - you name it! Maybe this variety makes this podcast so attractive? Well, it reached over 300 millions downloads which surely proves that you shouldn't miss it, neither!

# 2

Natalie Bacon

She always dreamt of becoming a lawyer: But Natalie Bacon started an online business instead to pay off her student loan debts. Now she calls herself a certified life coach and runs a successful blog. We also love her podcast that focusses on how to be successful in online business, personal growth and mindset. You get great advices about being an entrepreneur, how to develop a money mindset and we'll promise after hearing her inspirational hacks you'll be on fire for your next projects!

# 3

Gary Vaynerchuk

It all started with wine: Gary Vaynerchuk expanded his family's liquor business and used to be a famous wine critic. Today he is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, author and diligent producer of podcasts. You can discover keynote speeches on business and marketing, interviews and Gary's thoughts and answers to questions of users.

# 4

Rebecca Jarvis

The title of Rebecca Jarvis' Podcast is promising: No Limits! Her podcast provides you with the wisdom of women "who've already been there". She sure knows how to tell stories: Jarvis is an American Journalist with the responsibility for the business, economics and technology section for ABC News. Every Tuesday she talks to influential women about how to become a successful leader. But not only the shiny parts of this process are revealed - also pitfalls and tradeoffs come up.

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