Blogs of the week #1

January 19th, 2019

Maybe you've already noticed that we're pretty hungry for knowledge when it comes to working remotely. That's kind of our addiction and if we're honest our biggest pleasure while procrastinating – of course, we always can say we're doing some research but sometimes we actually really get caught in the content we find. So, why not share? Sharing is caring! That's why we decided to give you some awesome suggestions on what to read.

# 1

Liza Tinker

First, we have the lovely Liza Tinker, a content manager with a "passion for technology, social media, content management and the day to day life of a remote worker." If you're looking for some awesome tips and tricks for your online business her blog is the place to be for you. She talks about the Corporate Identity, choosing the right Wordpress theme, SEO or about lecture you need to read.

And she is a badass single mum who manages all by herself which shows us everything is possible, you just need to learn how! By reading her blog you will definitely find out what works best for you.

# 2


We're actually quite sure you know the next one since it is a classic one on the internet. The Copyblogger also known as "The Bible of content marketing and its awesome team has been teaching all of us since 2006 what awesome and extraordinary content is.

"Today, Copyblogger brings you original, relevant content every week about what’s working right now in online content marketing. And we’re not too humble to say it’s the most popular content marketing and writing blog on the planet."

# 3


Skillcrush offers a lot of programs that also may be suitable for yourself, but we're mostly here because of their articles on their blog which are very up to date and reflect the modern possibilities of remote workers or digital nomads. They also offer lots of free guides which are beautifully designed and well written. According to Skillcrush technology doesn't have to be so hard and everyone can learn to use it to their advantage – even people who kind of own two left hands when it comes to all things tech.

That's it for this week – don't miss our next blogs of the week! We already have some delights prepared for you.


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