Best places in the city to work remotely

January 15th, 2019

Finding the right place to work from, can sometimes be challenging – especially if you are a digital nomad. To fully benefit from the advantages of choosing this flexible lifestyle, it isn’t enough to just find one working space, where you are happy at and which suits you perfectly. No - it is the changing places you work at, which make you unlock the whole possibilities of creativity.

You will not only meet inspiring people with innovational ideas like yourself but will probably also discover a broad variety of coffee – which is, if we are honest, a pretty cool side effect. No matter wherever in the world you are, the following ideas of potential working spaces will make your life as a digital nomad a lot easier.

# 1

The Coffee Shop

Old But Gold

How about starting with the good old coffee shop? You’ll have plenty of coffee and pastry specialties within reach, which will help you get the energy you need. Also nowadays most coffee shops have their own WI-FI, which sometimes ends up being even faster than yours at home! Insider Tip: Watch out for coffee shops with an outdoor area or garden – there is nothing better than enjoying some sun and stocking up that Vitamin D store. If you sit inside try to avoid areas with temperature changes or high traffic like the entrance or counter, that way it is easier for you to focus.

Working from a coffee-shop can even mean fewer distractions. This sound like a lie but makes actually totally sense. The anonymity you get by working surrounded by strangers helps you to concentrate on your business. But if you ever need human interaction, of course, there is nothing easier than that! The difference here: everything happens on your terms. No colleagues or family members bothering you with their issues.

Try rotating coffee-shops for the most variety to avoid falling into the routine you are trying to escape from as an urban nomad in the first place. And remember: If you’re nice to the staff, they might reveal a secret power plug or even maybe introduce you to the perfect people – after all, they know who they are serving.


The Library

A Nostalgic Touch

If that is too much noise for you – don't worry. We got you covered! Remember where you used to study when you still were a student? Does it ring a bell? Ah ... right: The Library. As we grow and become more involved in adulthood or work, we often forget about this quiet place, with its literature filled with centuries of knowledge. There is no comparable place to work at if you need absolute silence to concentrate on an important project but still want to boost your creativity or need access to the internet.

# 3

Co-working Spaces

Pulsating Creativity

Co-working spaces are considered THE trend of our generation. No surprise regarding the amount of beautifully created places in the past years to give your ideas room to grow. Whether you prefer a minimalistic style or just a cozy desk which awakens some nostalgia inside of you – it is guaranteed you will find what you seek for. Co-working spaces are customized for different needs and interests, knowing that every freelancer, entrepreneur or any industrious worker has unique claims to unlock his full potential.

Rates start at a pretty low price considering the fact you often get free WI-FI and coffee. You can even rent some space for a whole month or even year. Just focus on your work, without the need to worry about technology, maintenance or a broken light bulb. Besides, lots of co-working spaces also offer other benefits like conference rooms or telephone booths, in case you ever need to convince a customer of your awesome vision.

Maybe you're more into the healthy movement? No problem! Since healthy workers make better workers, you'll easily find some co-working spaces with a juicy bar or some power food. You'd like to do some Joga in your break or get rid of your tense shoulders? Easy peasy - even this kind of wellness services are being offered by some co-working spaces. It's up to you. Which co-working space will you choose?

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