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6 challenges of being an Urban Nomad (and how to master them)

Being an urban nomad sounds like a life full of freedom and flexibility. Well, it definitely is! Combining autonomy and entrepreneurship is the fulfilment of a dream for many of us. But insta-stories often conceal the daily worries of being an urban nomad. We know the struggle, so we want ... read more

4 Business Podcasts you shouldn't miss

We love getting new input for our professional and personal growth. Beside scrolling Instagram or thumbing through magazines we prefer listening to podcasts. There are plenty good ones out there - we picked four podcasts that will enrich your train ride or the waiting time at the terminal. # 1 The Tim ... read more

The most important tools for remote workers

Back when we started going remote, there weren't as many tools available for remote workers like nowadays.If we're honest, today we're kind of drowning in the sheer amount on the market. Understandably lots of people are overwhelmed picking their tools to work with, especially if you're just starting out. ... read more

Top 10 tips for your mobile productivity

After years of working remotely, we get it – it is difficult to stay focused. It's not only that way when you work from home, even if you prefer to spread your mobile office in a coffee shop or at a co-working space you might get confronted with what we all ca... read more

Blogs of the week #1

Maybe you've already noticed that we're pretty hungry for knowledge when it comes to working remotely. That's kind of our addiction and if we're honest our biggest pleasure while procrastinating – of course, we always can say we're doing some research but sometimes we actually really get caught in the content we... read more

How to start working remotely today

Create your very own Action-Map When you first begin to think about becoming more location independent regarding your work, it might seem to you like a very complicated and long term decision. You might think something along the lines of "Yeah, it would be cool ... perhaps someday an opportunity ... read more

Best places in the city to work remotely

Finding the right place to work from, can sometimes be challenging – especially if you are a digital nomad. To fully benefit from the advantages of choosing this flexible lifestyle, it isn’t enough to just find one working space, where you are happy at and which suits you perfectly. No - it... read more

Why "now" is the perfect time to be(come) a remote worker

Oh, it's the next morning. Time to get up! Coffee, perhaps a quick breakfast, getting dressed and off we go: Commuting für averagely 0.5 to 1.5 hours, arriving at the office, getting to the desk and now plunk down there for most of the rest of the day. That's how it w... read more