The Urban Nomads Bag is the ultimate companion for your mobile lifestyle! Get things done wherever you want. You'll have the perfect workstation always with you.

Over 50 great Features!

  • Work with your tablet

    Your tablet is always ready when you are. Just open the front part of your bag and it is already waiting for you. Fold the flap around the bag and get a perfect working angle for your tablet.

  • Work with your laptop

    Just slide your laptop in the dedicated compartment inside your messenger bag and have it easily accessible from the outside. The shape of your bag will automatically bring the laptop into an ergonomic position if you put it on your lap.

  • Work with pen and paper

    The back of your Urban Nomads Bag is a perfect surface when you feel like working oldschool-style with pen and paper. You can even attach the pen organizer from inside your bag here to have all your tool at hand.

The styles

We want your Urban Nomads Bag to fit your style perfectly, that's why we will offer 3 different variations of the Urban Nomads Bag, each with a choice between 13" and 15" size and each with different color choices. Pick the Urban Nomads Bag that accommodates your style best!

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